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"Dawson Church has made an eminently valuable contribution to the field, with lots of exciting and well-written information. He really makes a scientific case that we are first and foremost energy beings."
—Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Author of Energy Psychology


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S. J. Bockett
Chemistry Bookshelf
June 2007

First of all, if you are a newcomer to Dawson Church's writing, you need to know that his facts are unimpeachable - they were stringently peer-reviewed before publication. What is more, when Church makes categorical statements, he provides research to corroborate them.

To quote Church (p212) "We usually look for miracles when we are in extreme peril. In a universe where the miraculous is available to us every day, where discontinuous positive change is always an option, and in which science has given us the understanding that genetic changes occur within seconds of changes in consciousness, it is high time we began looking for miracles as a first resort, not as a last resort." This is a staggering claim. But what is even more incredible is Church's backing up this statement with examples of up-to-date research.

The author explains epigentic (DNA based) healing, then gives the everyday applications. It is mind-blowing to learn that a group of people could "unwind" (activate) a sample of DNA using only their thinking. More amazing is the fact that they could do this at a distance - half a mile away. The implications are thought-provoking to say the least.

Dawson Church goes on to discuss "consciousness as medicine" and what he refers to as "routine miracles." And this discussion is simple, practical, and as always, impeccably referenced to research. Finally he describes the relevant use of energy psychology (specifically EFT) providing how-to notes in the appendices.

This is a book that needs to be read more than once. For one thing, it is jam-packed with information. First-time read, it inspires. After that, the book becomes a first-class reference manual for "You, the ultimate epigenetic engineer" as Church puts it.

I don't usually use superlatives in my reviews, but this book deserves them. It can prove life-changing for those who take it seriously.

—S. J. Bockett
Chemistry Bookshelf, June 2007

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Soul Medicine Institute was founded by Dawson Church as a resource for students, researchers and educators. It offers classes and supports research focusing on the link between intention, consciousness, energy, and health.

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The Soul Medicine Institute web site contains links to sites that offer best practices, as well as listings of practitioners by country and state. It also links to institutions offering accredited degrees in energy medicine, and scientific studies of the field.

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