Genie In Your Genes

The Genie in Your Genes

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"Dawson Church has made an eminently valuable contribution to the field, with lots of exciting and well-written information. He really makes a scientific case that we are first and foremost energy beings."
—Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Author of Energy Psychology


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Interview Questions:


  1. Most people think of genes as the blueprints that determine everything about how our bodies and our lives turn out, from our height to how long we live. Is that really true? A: Genetic Determinism was the dominant scientific model of the 20th century. The Central Dogma… But we’re now learning that many influences from outside the cell turn genes on and off.
  2. Your book The Genie in Your Genes talks a lot about about "epigenetics." What is epigenetics and why is it important? A: The term epi refers to above…
  3. What does stress do to the body? A: Elevates cortisol, depletes DHEA. Low cortisol linked to…
  4. In Chapter 6 you talk about our set points for stress hormones. What is an example of a set point, and how does it show up in our behavior? A: Think about drama queens… cortisol addiction…
  5. If stress has such bad effects on the body, why do we focus on the negative aspects of our experience? A: Paying attention to negative experiences was an essential survival skill for our ancestors…
  6. In your book The EFT Manual you have dozens of stories about people who learned stress-reduction methods, and the difference it made in their lives. Tell us a couple of those stories.
  7. Can the body differentiate between events that is actually occurring within our lives and the thoughts we have about them?
  8. There's a buzzword being used a lot nowadays, "neurogenesis." What does it mean and how does it affect our health? A: Discovery in the 90s that neural pathways increase in response to stimulus… But the speed at which we rewire our neural network is surprising…
  9. If our genes aren't what's running the show, what is? A: Environmental influences like thoughts, beliefs, emotions, all the parts of consciousness…
  10. If you’re in the habit of acting and thinking negatively, and you change, can you reverse the process? A: There is evidence that a nurturing environment is epigenetic…
  11. How can we tell if we’re creating positive or negative epigenetic effects in our bodies? A: By the way you feel. Feeling good feels good because neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine come into balance and…
  12. In chapter 13 you describe the use of these new healing methods with veterans with PTSD. How are they used with veterans?
  13. How do you believe health care will change in the next ten or twenty years?

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The National Institute for Integrative Healthcare was founded by Dawson Church as a resource for students, researchers and educators. It offers classes and supports research focusing on the link between intention, consciousness, energy, and health.

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The National Institute for Integrative Healthcare web site contains links to sites that offer best practices, as well as listings of practitioners by country and state. It also links to institutions offering accredited degrees in energy medicine, and scientific studies of the field.

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