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The Genie in Your Genes

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"Dawson Church has made an eminently valuable contribution to the field, with lots of exciting and well-written information. He really makes a scientific case that we are first and foremost energy beings."
—Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Author of Energy Psychology


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“Take yourself on a quantum leap into cutting edge science and discover how it will transform medicine and health care in the next decade. Dawson Church has mined the most revolutionary findings from diverse fields of science and practice and brilliantly synthesized them into a clearly-written manifesto for the enlightened care of the human body, mind, and community.”

—Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Coauthors of the best-selling Energy Medicine

“Once in a great while, an expansive book traces the connections between seemingly disconnected fields of science to produce a brilliant new synthesis. This work, linking genetics, electromagnetism, medicine and social change, is a monumental feat of scholarship and imagination, and provides a fascinating glimpse of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. It points the way to a radical leap in our understanding of healing—and indeed the nature of human beings.”

—Gary Craig
Coauthor of The Promise of Energy Psychology

 “Dawson Church has done an amazing service by providing an integrative scientific foundation for Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. The Genie in Your Genes is on my list of required readings for all health and mental health professionals.”

—Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D.
Author of Energy Psychology

The Genie in Your Genes is one of the most useful books I have come across in a long time for anyone in the therapeutic professions. The importance of the mind-body connection in diagnosis and healing has been gaining increasing traction through the work of such ground-breaking pioneers as Candace Pert, David Feinstein and Bruce Lipton. What Dawson Church has done is to weave the work of the many scientists and researchers in this area over the last century into an impressively comprehensive overview, and in a narrative so lucid that anyone should be able to understand it. In fact reading this book was one "Aha" moment after another for me, as I read things I had heard, and even lectured on many times before, but somehow they were placed in a context that made fresh and compelling sense.

“The implications of this work are profound, not only for understanding the mechanisms at play in disease and wellness, but also for understanding the power of perceptions and beliefs in creating the social and political realities we must deal with every day. I would make this book required reading for just about every discipline, and certainly all therapeutic modalities.”

—Miriam Knight
New Consciousness Review, May 23, 2009

“Faith, prayer, thoughts, emotions, intentions, and beliefs are vital components to creating a space for healing and balance to occur. For those who have questions on the science of this emerging field, numerous studies are cited—there are nearly 400 endnotes—and dozens of researchers, doctors, and practitioners reviewed the manuscript. Well-researched, fast-moving, grounded in credible science while fancifully speculative, The Genie in Your Genes offers tantalizing proof that we are on the verge of a spectacular breakthrough in our understanding of how optimal health is achieved and maintained. For those who feel that the future of medicine will be energy- and consciousness-based, this book will become a dog-eared friend.”

—Shift magazine
Institue of Noetic Sciences, Sep-Nov 2007

“Challenges the long-held notion that genetic structure is determined at birth and its role in developing different traits remains stable after birth. Besides explaining cogently the complex interplay of electromagnetic energy, body chemistry, and physiological healing from disease, The Genie in Your Genes explores several less-known phenomena like: mirror neurons, piezoelectricity in our bodies, changes in DNA influenced by one’s intention, healing frequencies of therapists, entanglement, and much more. So exhaustive is Dawson Church’s coverage of his case for energy healing that the question of ‘Why use alternate healing?’ changes to ‘Why not try energy medicine first?’ Coming fully referenced and listing many important healing techniques as well as useful sources of information, The Genie in Your Genes is a commendable read for all educated readers, particularly for science buffs and, of course, a must read for those millions of people who are suffering from some form of stress.” (abridged review, for full review click here)

—Ernest Dempsey
Sept 2008 The Audience Review

“The Genie In Your Genes is a revolutionary book that reveals why your genetic code doesn't determine your fate. Instead, your mind (and your behavior) has extraordinary control over the expression of your genes, determining your level of health, prevention of disease and much more, says co-creator Mike Adams. "It's a must-read book for anyone wishing to dispel misconceptions about the influence of genes over health," Adams says. "While drug companies and many doctors continue to promote the idea that people are doomed to disease thanks to renegade genes, The Genie In Your Genes offers a far more uplifting alternative by teaching readers how to take control over the expression of their genetic code and tap into the power of epigenetics.” (abridged review, for full review click here)

Market Watch
September 2008

“Covers a complex subject, yet is written in a way that makes the topic clear. It is well researched, well referenced and at the end is an appendix that gives you further information on how to find a practitioner and some exercises that you can do on your own. This book should be read by practitioners of medicine, alternative therapists, science students and people who have psychological stress or chronic health problems believed to be caused by genetic defaults. The Genie in Your Genes will open your eyes and give you hope that you can control your life.” (abridged review, for full review click here)

—Paige Lovitt
Reader Views

"First of all, if you are a newcomer to Dawson Church's writing, you need to know that his facts are unimpeachable - they were stringently peer-reviewed before publication. What is more, when Church makes categorical statements, he provides research to corroborate them. This is a book that needs to be read more than once. For one thing, it is jam-packed with information. First-time read, it inspires. After that, the book becomes a first-class reference manual for "You, the ultimate epigenetic engineer" as Church puts it. I don't usually use superlatives in my reviews, but this book deserves them. It can prove life-changing for those who take it seriously." (abridged review, for full review click here)

—S. J. Bockett
Chemistry Bookshelf, June 2007

“To counter the invasive nature of allopathic therapeutic techniques, currently forming the bulk of mainstream treatment, alternate healing experts are knuckling down on scientific research that validates non-invasive, simpler, safer, and less expensive treatment methods. Part of the groundbreaking work in this direction comes from Dawson Church, founder of the Soul Medicine Institute (SMI) – a nonprofit education and research institute that focuses on consciousness and energy as primary modalities. In his recent book The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church probes into the complex processes that switch on, or turn off, the genes in our bodies, a process that determines whether or not certain healing responses will be triggered. The pages of the book are filled with some of the most amazing findings on genes and illnesses, and their connection with the flow of electromagnetic energy in the body." (abridged review, for full review click here)

—Ernest Dempsey
Bookpleasures, July 2008

A brilliant amalgamation of the complexities of quantum biology and physics that form the basis of energy psychotherapies in language that is easily understood by us all. This ground breaking book captures the essence of the problem in healthcare and beckons us to rise up as one to usher in the quantum leap needed in our society.”

—Greg Nicosia, Ph.D.
Founder of Advanced Diagnostics

“It is time we acknowledge the real Genie in the bottle—the bottle of our emotions and behavior.  The Gene in our Genes lets the secret of our Genie out of the bottle. Our genes indeed “dance with our awareness.” Be Aware!”

—C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Holos University Graduate Seminary

 “Recent advances in the science of epigenetics and quantum physics herald a global evolution that will profoundly impact the life of every person on this planet. In The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church expertly distills the Ivory Tower complexities of this life-changing science into a simple and elegant presentation for the layperson. Realize sovereignty over your health and happiness; read this empowering and inspiring book!”

—Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D
Cell Biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

“Dawson Church has given us a fascinating, practical synthesis of cutting-edge science, medicine, psychology, and spirituality. Through stories, metaphors, research reports and really good writing, he takes us on a journey into the future of healing, helping us to grasp the inseparability between spirit and matter. Reading it can inspire us toward full co-creative participation in building a healthier world.”

—Susan Campbell, Ph.D.
Author of Saying What's Real and other books

“Defining destiny through DNA has been a standard medical practice for decades. The Genie in Your Genes…challenges this fatalistic theory.… Citing more than 300 medical studies, he proposes that DNA can be altered through the power of belief. Weaving his way through physics, genetics and biology, Church explores how emotions and difficult experiences can affect health. Negative feelings and painful life experiences can create sickness.… The correlation between health and consciousness has been missing the scientific evidence to back it up. Perhaps Church's book will open up a few minds to the possibilities of alternative medicine.” For full story, click here.

—Laura Axelrod
Birmingham News, Jan 14, 2008

Tyler Tichelaar of Reader Views: "The Genie in Your Genes has a spiritual aspect to it, and I know you have had spiritual teachers such as the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra in your books. However, your background is very scientific. Do you believe the fields of science and spirituality are beginning to align themselves more closely?"

Dawson Church: "Spiritual teachings have for centuries affirmed the value of disciplined thinking and rigorous spiritual practice. Now, studies of longevity and immunity are showing that these practices produce measurable biological improvements. Science is now showing the precise mechanisms that come into play as a result of spiritual practice. The idea that the two were ever separate was an illusion that is being rectified as science advances." For full interview, click here.

Tyler Tichelaar
Reader Views interview

"Put simply epigenetics is the study of how environment works to turn genes on and off. More formally, from Science: “Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in the DNA sequence.” What this means is that our genes are NOT our destiny. Rather, they’re like the first draft of a movie script. Lots of changes are possible all throughout the creative process we call life. The people, places and circumstances we deliberately or “accidently” find ourselves in the midst of, actually work to change genetic expression within us; as do the things we think, feel and believe on a moment by moment basis. Whether we know it or not, or believe it or not, we are constantly performing epigenetic engineering on our own cells. So is the outside environment in a dynamic, lifelong interplay. Dawson Church has written a very readable account of this growing medical research field."

—Brady on the Brain

"I'm compelled to say that The Genie in your Genes is in my view the most complete and lucidly written book on medical science and alternative medicine. I have never read a single book that so eloquently uses science to practically and concretely validate the long frowned upon power of metaphysical concepts like faith, belief, prayer, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, etc.

"With mountains of research at his disposal, Dawson Church shows that contrary to the long held belief by the medical establishment that our genes dictate our destiny, it's actually the other way around. Our consciousness and external environment actually exerts much more influence on the genes than vice-versa, literally switching genes on and off moment by moment at the speed of thought. That's right, we're constantly altering our genetic profile with each belief, with each thought. It's a new branch of science called EPIGENETICS.

"It is evident that Church goes to painstaking lengths to bring this profound work to the lay-person, and does a phenomenal job in the process. I've barely skimmed the surface, the rest is for you to explore, but I close by making this bold statement. Humanity unequivocally needs this brilliant work. For a single work, The Genie in your Genes is absolutely the most empowering and enlightening scientific work I've ever read. This is one for the ages."

—The Worderer

"Though this book is not an easy read, it offers a wealth of information on coming to terms with a person's health and ability to rely on his own consciousness to direct his well-being. Dawson explains his theory of epigenetic medicine, the notion that there are healing techniques each person can employ to override the effects of the genes that we think control our bodies. This overriding or correcting of errant genetic expression is not a matter of 'wishful thinking' or 'good thoughts' but an active control of our consciousness. In fact, the pivotal chapter between the scientific explanation of genetics and the 'how to's' of putting consciousness into action is called 'Consciousness as Medicine.'" For full review, click here.

—MyShelf, July 2008

Soul Medicine Institute

Soul Medicine Institute was founded by Dawson Church as a resource for students, researchers and educators. It offers classes and supports research focusing on the link between intention, consciousness, energy, and health.

Best Practices from Soul Medicine Institute

The Soul Medicine Institute web site contains links to sites that offer best practices, as well as listings of practitioners by country and state. It also links to institutions offering accredited degrees in energy medicine, and scientific studies of the field.

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